Basic Sanitation Supplies for Disaster Survival 

 March 11, 2019

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A natural disaster, such as a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake, can cause lives to be turned upside down in an instant. People rush to escape a dangerous situation, help others, and find shelter, but once things have settled down and the immediate danger has passed, surviving and cleaning up become top priorities.

In the aftermath of a disaster, sanitation is critical. With damaged infrastructure, water resources can become contaminated and people may lack access to supplies needed to treat injuries. Toilets may be unavailable, which can cause diseases to spread quickly. Being prepared with necessary sanitation supplies can increase the odds of survival after a disaster.

Water Purification Supplies

Water is essential for life, but drinking water often becomes contaminated in a natural disaster. That can put desperate people in a situation in which they are forced to consume water that could be contaminated with bacteria, chemicals, or other dangerous substances. Water-borne contaminants could cause people to become sick or even die. Water purification tablets are a simple way to save lives.

Supplies to Manage Waste

If homes and businesses are severely damaged in a natural disaster, plumbing systems may no longer be functional. Having alternative ways to deal with waste is essential to prevent the spread of bacteria that could cause disease. Portable toilets and toilet bags can help people dispose of waste in a sanitary manner to protect their health. Bio-Blue toilet deodorant can control the smell, and privacy shelters can help people maintain their dignity in difficult circumstances.

Wound Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies

Cuts, scrapes, and head wounds are common in natural disasters. These types of injuries need to be addressed promptly to prevent complications. A simple cut can lead to significant blood loss or infection if it is not treated quickly. A first aid kit should include cleansing towelettes and antimicrobial wipes that can be used to clean and disinfect wounds.

In the chaos following a natural disaster, having access to hygiene supplies and being able to clean oneself can afford some semblance of normalcy and provide an enormous psychological benefit. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and containers of water to bathe can help people feel more in control of their circumstances.

Stock up on Supplies to Cope after a Natural Disaster

Many illnesses, injuries, and deaths occur after a natural disaster because the critical infrastructure is damaged or destroyed. Being prepared with emergency sanitation supplies can save lives. 1st Aid Supplies has sanitation products that can keep people safe and healthy following a disaster. Order the essentials today so you can be prepared if disaster strikes.



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