Bandages & Wound Care: How to Pick the Right Options for Your First Aid Kit 

 January 16, 2018

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When it comes to wound care, you may be aware that the options are expansive regarding the types of bandages and dressings you can use. Did you know however that different injuries should be bandaged and wrapped in different ways? It’s true. The array of options isn’t just to provide variety, but also to offer the right protection for various types of injuries.

Here are some things to keep in mind when stocking your first aid kit with supplies and why having the right bandages is essential.

Minor Cuts & Scrapes

The most common injury bandages address are minor cuts and scrapes that happen at any given time. From a paper cut, to an accidental scrape. That’s why it’s vital to have a first aid kit on hand in your home, car and business. Elastic strip bandages are a great option to keep stocked up in your first aid kit and come in multiple sizes including knuckle bandages and those for elbows that keep those harder to cover areas protected. Choose band aids with a heavy woven non-latex adhesive and an H style design when there is a fear of the bandage falling off.

Dealing with Cuts, Scrapes & Lacerations

These types of injuries are common in workplaces where manual labor occurs and should be treated immediately to prevent infection and promote healing. Butterfly bandages are great for closing and promoting the healing of deep cuts and lacerations.  You’ll also likely need ointment or cleaning agents like antiseptic wipes or hydrogen peroxide to ensure these more serious cuts are treated as soon as possible.

Larger Issues

Any cuts or scrapes can be further compounded when you add the element that someone is diabetic or that the injury covers a large area of space. In these cases you’ll need larger wound care options like wraps and rolls of gauze. There are also options for diabetics to aid in the issue of slow healing wounds. And, if you’re a business is in a regulated industry, such as food service, you’ll also need to be cautious of selecting first aid supplies that comply. For bandages, you should opt for metal detectable adhesive bandages which are made of a stretch water resistant foam and are a bright blue color so they can be easily spotted if they fall off.

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