Back to School First Aid Tips for Universities and Schools 

 August 23, 2018

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The back to school season is upon us. Across many parts of the nation kids and young adults are heading back to class and now's a perfect time to review first aid tips for a healthy and successful school year.

In both the grade school and university level, having first aid training and supplies on hand in classrooms and around the building can be vital during emergencies.

Here are some tips to keep in mind this school year when it comes to first aid.

Have Emergency Plans Set

Just as with workplace safety, it’s important for schools to have plans in place on how to handle emergency situations. Some of these rules will apply to specific regulations, but many others are set in place on a local and state level and should be communicated clearly. Whatever your health and safety strategy at your school, be sure there are provisions in place that include a proper amount of first aid supplies and that kits are replenished regularly.

Emergency plans may also require staff and even students to have some basic first aid training. Holding free courses and requiring staff to become certified in things like first aid resuscitation can be extremely helpful when disaster strikes.  

Keep First Aid Supplies in Reach

The only way to respond to an emergency effectively is by having needed supplies on hand to handle the disaster. Keeping your first aid kit locked away in a storage closet where someone in need potentially wouldn’t be able to get it is not a good plan. Remember to keep multiple first aid kits within reach and scattered throughout the building in strategic and well-marked places. Kits containing different types of supplies for responders can also be used. A nurse, for example, may have access to things like epi-pens and inhalers while a trained teacher may instead have a kit with gauze and bandages close by.

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