Are You Prepared for a Long Power Outage? 

 July 24, 2019

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Short power outages are relatively common and generally just a minor inconvenience. For people in storm-prone parts of the country, however, power outages can last hours, days or even weeks. At hurricane season and wildfire seasons advance (and winter will be here before we know it), it’s worth taking a few moments to ensure your home or business has the supplies it needs to make it through a long power outage comfortably.

To take the pain out of power outages, it’s worthwhile to be prepared. Following are some tips so your next power outage experience is a better experience.

Make an Assessment

Take a look at what requires electricity. Look around your home and business and take stock of everything that uses electricity (it’s probably a lot more than you think). Make a list of alternatives to the appliances and devices that require a plug-in to the grid.

  • Alternative lighting. Ensure you have a ready supply of flashlights, LED lanterns and other lamps. Stock up on batteries, light sources and even glow sticks that can be used as nightlights. Be sure to store flashlights and lanterns without the batteries in them to keep batteries from corroding and damaging the light sources.
  • Alternative food. It’s worthwhile to keep some non-perishable food items in the pantry, including boxed milk that needs no refrigeration as well as soup, cereal, and snacks. You may wish to put aside a few cans of Sterno so you can boil some water for coffee or tea, or to heat up canned food or warm baby formula.
  • Water sources. While water may or may not work during a power shortage, it’s worthwhile to keep bottled water around at all times. Periodically rotate your supply so you always have fresh water in stock.
  • Communication. If you can’t charge cell phones (or cell phones aren’t working), it’s worthwhile to keep an old-fashioned battery-powered radio so you can listen to the news and the weather.
  • Gasoline. In widespread power outages, gas stations may not be able to sell gas because energy is required to run the pumps. It’s worthwhile keeping a few gallons of gasoline on your property at all times for emergencies, particularly if you have a generator.
  • An emergency medical kit. Power outages often lead to injuries (from alternative heaters, or simply falling over in the dark!) Ensure you have an emergency first-aid kit on the premises at all times.

Contract with a Supplies Company

To keep in stock of power outage-related supplies, rely on a supplier to keep your resources well stocked. 1stAidSupplies.com can provide emergency lighting and power, communications and radio equipment, food and water and first-aid kits that can be kept in the workplace, the home or anywhere else emergency supplies might be required. Call 818-838-7000 ext. 104 or visit our website for prices and details.

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