ANSI & Your Workplace 

 June 14, 2018

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ANSI, which stands for American National Standards Institute is an organization that sets the standards for safety and conformity across industries, products, services, processes, and more in the United States. When it comes to safety in the workplace, the organization works to ensure that proper safeguards and equipment are in place in every workplace. Based on research and best practices they enforce regulations and mandate various directives together with OSHA so that employees can work at locations and feel safe each day. Everything from proper signage, to the first aid kits kept on hand at a worksite are part of the standards they enforce.

First Aid in the Workplace

Depending on the industry and the work being done, first aid supplies required to be on hand can vary. These supplies are required to ensure anyone injured on the job has the resources to stop a serious injury from getting worse and immediate, ample care is available in a timely manner.

Disaster Preparedness

Complying with ANSI and OSHA standards won’t just keep workplaces from incurring hefty fines for noncompliance, they can also help save a life in the case that an accident does occur. It is advised that businesses meet these minimum requirements put forth by the organization to keep their first aid kits stocked, but it’s always a good idea to have more on hand.

Hazard Assessments

Both ANSI and OSHA recommend that employers stock extra supplies in their first aid response kits based on their specific analysis of their workplace and possible hazards present. If you know cuts and scrapes are common at your workplace, first work to keep extra bandages and gauze and other supplies on hand, and then work with safety teams to understand what processes or hazards may be present causing this common injury.

The only way to keep your workplace as safe as possible is to understand any possible risks, train and have supplies ready in the event of an emergency. A combination of these tactics can keep employee productivity levels high and leave more time to focus on the business.

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