All Schools and Day Cares Should Have First Aid Supplies 

 August 10, 2016

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Schools and day cares have a responsibility to keep the children in their care safe. Unfortunately, accidents do sometimes happen. Children can fall down while playing, get injured participating in sports, slip and fall while walking to class, or get hurt in any number of other ways while at school.

When a child is injured, teachers and administrators should be able to provide first aid quickly. In some cases, simple first aid is all that is needed to treat a minor injury. In other cases, first aid is necessary to control bleeding or to temporarily treat an injury before the child can be transported to a hospital for professional medical treatment.

What Should Be Included in a First Aid Kit for a School or Day Care

All schools and day care facilities should have first aid kits or cabinets to treat injuries that children may experience. A first aid kit should include supplies for treating cuts, scrapes, bumps, bruises, stomach aches, minor burns, splinters, eye irritation, and other problems that may arise. A first aid kit or cabinet should be well organized, fully stocked, and in a place that is easily accessible to all staff who may need medical supplies.

Order First Aid Kits or Cabinets from 1st Aid Supplies

1st Aid Supplies carries a complete line of first aid kits and cabinets that are ideal for schools and day cares. Our kits contain many essential supplies that can be used to treat injuries that children commonly experience at school or day care. All facilities that care for children should have first aid supplies on hand to quickly deal with injuries large and small. Providing prompt first aid can make a major difference in the outcome and recovery time.

With children heading back to school soon, now is the time for schools and day cares to make sure they have all of the supplies they need to keep the children in their care safe. If your school or day care does not have a first aid kit or cabinet, or if you need to restock some supplies that you used last year, order the items you need today from 1st Aid Supplies. We can provide you with all of the bandages, ice packs, and other supplies you need to take care of the children who are your responsibility. Order your first aid supplies today.


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