AEDs & CPR: Commit to Save Lives this February 

 February 11, 2020

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The month of February is one that’s typically associated with love and hearts. But it’s not just a time to think about cupid’s arrow. Heart health is an important topic. Understanding the risks and being prepared for emergency situations such as sudden cardiac arrest can help save lives.

Since February is “Heart Month,” it’s the perfect time to consider the importance of AED’s and CPR training.

Disasters can happen anywhere and at any time.

For this reason, preparing the workplace to respond in emergencies is critical. CPR training courses will provide detailed instructions and knowhow for assistance with breathing and keeping someone alive while emergency personal makes their way to the scene.

AEDs also play a critical role in these situations because of the ability to defibrillate and get the heart back to pumping at regular rhythms again.

You can find these portable, life-saving devices located around the building and public places – much like a fire extinguisher because they are so important to help someone whose heart has suddenly stopped beating.

This is a month dedicated to raising awareness of the ways to improve the condition of our hearts through better lifestyles and nutrition. Training on how to use the devices and best practices is ideal to ensure anyone is ready to use the device should an emergency situation unfold.

Shop for important first aid supplies online including AED Alarm Wall Cabinets, AED V Signs, and an AED Prep and Response Kit for your workplace.

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