Addressing Dangers at your Factory 

 June 11, 2018

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Dangers at work can result in hefty fines and loss of life, so they are never to be taken lightly. In addition to compliance standards put in place by OSHA for different workplaces, there are many things you can do to ensure safety of your employees – and it makes sense to prepare in advance.  Here are some tips on keeping workers safe at manufacturing operations.

Machine Guarding

Many industrial job sites and plants use conveyor systems to move products around the floor for inspections, packaging and other needs. This machinery has added great levels of efficiency but also comes with dangers. Failure to train users on proper use of the machines and guarding can quickly turn into fatal situations if workers are accidentally pulled into the machines.

Be sure all equipment and machinery at your operations is up to code and complies with regulations for safe operation to reduce dangers.

Hazard Checks

It’s also important that safety and hazard checks are conducted regularly to spot potential issues and update policies to address risks. Examples include efficient emergency evacuation protocols, tools for fire prevention and protecting from chemical contact and electric shock if the workplace operates with these dangers present. Continual safety checks and training is the best way to uncover issues and address them in a timely fashion.

First Aid Training

Mot factories operate in a high risk setting and need additional safety protections in place. In addition to providing first aid supplies to workers, you need to ensure that they are all aware of where to get the supplies when they are needed and how to properly use them in an emergency situation. You may also be required to employ staff trained in CPR and other medical procedures. Since cardiac arrest is a common issue each year, it’s important to have someone trained and ready to respond in this situation who can locate and operate the workplace’s AED.

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