A Clean, Safe Workplace Keeps Employees Happy & Productive 

 March 21, 2019

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Keeping employees happy at work is not only important for morale and productivity, but it can also be a key way to ensure safety standards are being met and that compliance is happening.

One recent study found that in the manufacturing setting, having a clean and orderly workplace contributes to worker satisfaction and even makes “happiness on the job” possible.

Survey respondents ranked the following attributes as key to a positive work experience:

  • Operational efficiency (96%)
  • Safety and hygiene (94%)
  • Organization of work environment (93%)

These lead the way over other perks on the job like advancements in technology and machinery as a desire for workers.

To help keep a clean and orderly worksite, cleaning tools and products, safety gear and access to first aid supplies all top the list.

Having these tools, the study respondents said, also helps them to stay focused and get more work done.

Overall, employees who feel satisfied with work conditions and that want to contribute to the overall positive environment will be more likely to use the protective gear as instructed and report anything potentially hazardous. A risk-free work environment is also one with fewer chances of fines, injuries and other serious problems.

Maryellen Anastasio, Marketing Manager at Essity, which commissioned the study, commented on the research findings saying, “Facilities should consider the tools they are using and adopt safe and hygienic solutions that will not only improve operational efficiencies but motivate and engage employees. By making these changes, employers are sending a message that they care about their workers’ happiness and well-being.”

For shop floor and plant managers these findings are a wakeup call the pay attention to work conditions at their facilities and to find ways to improve conditions and boost employee morale for the best outcomes.

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