4 Reasons to Wear Safety Glasses to Work 

 July 13, 2020

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Protecting your vision is important in the workplace. You might think that only those handling dangerous chemicals or how have sharp debris in the air need to wear safety glasses to protect their eyes at work, but there are in fact many reasons for anyone – even an office worker who spends hours in front of a computer screen, to be aware of the protection needed for their vision while at work. 

Since eye injuries are one of the most common in the workplace – from chemical burns to blunt trauma, it’s important to know your direct risks and stay protected. 

Here are 4 reasons you should always wear safety glasses while at work. 

  1. Protection from Dangerous Debris

    If you work at a job that has sharp flying debris, wearing safety goggles or other approved eye wear is a no brainier, but even if there isn’t a constantly debris in the air there could still be pollen, dust and other airborne things that can get into the eyes, scratch them and even cause vision loss.

  2. Stop Liquids from Entering the Eyes

    In addition to the harm sharp particles can cause in the eyes, if you work somewhere that handles liquids like hot cooking oils, or if there are smoke and fumes in the air, you should consider protecting your eyes. Even a small splash up of this matter can burn the eyes and do some serious damage.

  3. UV Protection

    Dangerous UV rays aren’t just damaging to the skin, they can also create issues with eyesight. This is because the rays can make the tissues in the eyes very fragile. Any job that is conducted outdoors for long periods of time should be done so with proper UV protection on the eyes.

  4. Computer Vision Damage

    You may think the fact you’re working in an office and seated all day protects you from these previously mentioned risks, but there is a very real problem called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) that occurs when someone is sitting in front of a computer screen from hours each day. Vision harm in the form of blurry vision, dry eyes and even strain can occur. Getting protective eye wear that lessens the impact is critical.


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