4 Great Places to Store Your First Aid Kits 

 September 11, 2020

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If you own a first aid kit, then that’s great! But…where should you keep it? Don’t worry, you’re not the first person to ask this question. Naturally you want to store it somewhere that’s easy to access; however, if you live in an environment with children, you also need to make sure that it’s not easy for them to get to. That said, here are the 4 places we recommend keeping a first aid kit. 

The Kitchen

What’s the first thing you do to stop someone from bleeding? Wash it out, right? Naturally, you’d run that person over to the kitchen sink, wouldn’t you? In addition, if you hurt yourself while cooking, having a first aid kit nearby can be a huge lifesaver. Lots of people have burnt themselves while cooking; the faster you can get relief, the faster you can get back to preparing your meal. 

The Bathroom

Whether you have a bit too much to drink and need Advil ASAP, or you need to bandage a foot wound, the bathroom is likely where you’ll want to be when you do it. The bathroom is a place to “contain” the mess. Blood, throw up, feces–it all can be easier to clean when it’s contained to one area. In addition, the bathroom is where most people go when they get sick; therefore, it just makes sense to keep a first aid kit in there. 

The Garage or Workshop

If you do any DIY projects in your garage, or even work outside, near your garage, it’s a good idea to keep a first aid kit there. Cuts, sprains, and brakes happen more often when you work with tools. From mowing the lawn to building a new shelf–anything can happen. If something DOES happen, wouldn’t you want an emergency kit that’s easy to get to?

The Car

We all know how important it is to keep jumper cables and spare tires in our trunk, but what about a first aid kit? A small travel-sized kit can really come in handy. Even if you don’t take many road trips, accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. Don’t think of it as something just for you either. If you encounter someone else who needs a bandage, an ice pack, or Advil, wouldn’t it feel good if you were able to help them out? 

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