3 Ways to Stop Spreading Germs Now 

 March 18, 2020

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Its flu season, allergy season and the entire globe are facing a pandemic with the current novel coronavirus still making devastating impacts everywhere. Now’s the time more than ever before to brush up on your sanitary skills. Experts say the cleaner you’re able to keep your hands and immediate surfaces around you, the better off you’ll be.

Here are 3 tips for avoiding germs so you can stay healthy throughout these uncertain times.

Tip # 1: Always Use Soap & Water

Some people may falsely believe that the use of hand sanitizer can replace washing your hands but the truth is it does not. While a great alternative (when it has at least 60% alcohol content) to kill some germs when you don’t have access to the prior, it’s actually a terrible idea to rely on it solely to clean your hands. You must wash your hands with soap (preferably an antibacterial formula) and warm to hot water for at least 20 seconds to truly scrub away the germs that could get you sick. A simple swipe of the soap and rinse will not remove germs. Scrubbing them away is needed. Be sure to get between fingers and into and under the nails too – otherwise your hands do not actually germ-free!

Tip # 2: Don’t Touch Your Face

One of the easiest ways for infection and viruses to enter into the body is through the mucous membrane. Your nose, eyes, and mouth are the conduits. Many people touch their faces throughout the day and don’t even realize it. That itch on your brow, a wipe of your lips – we do these actions without thinking. Now’s the time to start being more cautious and stop touching your face. Grab a tissue, use your sleeve or try to focus on something else to distract yourself from the itch especially if you have not washed your hands.

Tip # 3 Practice Social Distancing

In the recent events occurring with COVID-19, we have all started to learn about social distancing and why it’s appropriate if you want to stop the spread of germs. From the workplace coffee area to grocery shopping carts and even our own kitchen sink, these surfaces are breeding ground for germs. This most recent respiratory disease that’s still being researched is said to possibly even spread through droplets in the air such as a cough or sneeze. If you are keeping a safe (6ft or more) distance from those in public you can avoid the potential of this occurring.


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