3 Ways to Instantly Stop Bleeding 

 July 13, 2020

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Blood is a bio hazardous matter that must be handled with care. The rate of potential infection of viruses increases if there is broken skin or some other contact made. Because of this infectious risk, the need to keep blood contained is critical. During an emergency this isn’t always possible.

In addition to first aid supplies, training for how to stop bleeding and handle anything that has come in contact with the blood is important. 

Here are 3 ways to instantly stop bleeding. 


  1. Apply Pressure

    To help quickly stop bleeding that is happening from an injury you should apply direct pressure on the cut or wound. After you have covered the area with a piece of gauze or tissue you should continue to hold down and then blot to ensure the bleeding has calmed before bandaging it up.  

  2. Raise the Limb

    Depending where the cut or injury has occurred on the body, you may be able to stop bleeding by raising the limb so that it can slow the flow of the blood. If it is the arm or led, a good rule is to raise it above heart level. 

  3. Use Gauze

    Be sure to keep your first aid cabinet stocked full of the right supplies to address potential cuts and bleeding and offer your employees training so they can work to quickly diffuse a situation when disaster strikes.  Keep adding gauze over a wound until the blood is soaked up.

    If the wound continues to bleed, you can try a product like our  BloodSTOP gauze is a water-soluble homeostatic gauze that speeds up coagulation and forms a seal over a wound in these emergency situations. 

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