3 Ways to Foster a Healthy, Safe Workplace 

 June 3, 2019

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There are fewer things more important to businesses and their employees than a safe and reliable place to show up to for work each day. After all, most of us spend a large portion of our weeks there. Hours upon hours of our time is spent performing job functions to make a living.

For some, this might be sitting in front of a computer in an office with rows of cubicles while others are operating heavy machinery out on a construction site. While each industry has specific regulations and nuance for their work environments, the same desire to have a safe and dependable place to work each day is true across the board.  

Here are 4 ways to get your workplace buttoned up and centered on a culture of health and safety first. This won’t just bring peace of mind to employees as well as stakeholders, but it can also improve productivity and lessen churn.

Find Pain Points & Offer Help

Jobs can get stressful easily. No matter where you work. Pressure from the top to do more with less and always move the needle higher on goals is happening everywhere. For most workers this can lead to working more hours and missing important social events in their personal lives, maybe increasing stress. All of these can have long-term ill effects on health and company performance. Instead, find the pain points of the job and improve on it proactively. Establish better scheduling practices so everyone can take time off when needed, offer corporate wellness benefits that help those who are dealing with high stress.

Demonstrate Good Behaviors from the Top Down

As companies switch to being more responsible for the health of their entire employee culture in their business goals, it’s become critical that even the leadership from the top display the same expectations. If there are policies implemented at a company, for example, to take breaks and stretch after a set amount of hours, then employees should see the managers sticking to this schedule too. Not only following protocol, but taking the time to walk around alongside employees, ask about their day and create stronger engagement and bonds.

Offering Necessary Training

No workplace can operate efficiently without training. From new hire training that helps teach them about job functions and safety on the job, to regularly scheduled updated training for other staff members. A safe work environment is one that all will come to appreciate. When constant updates on training and a focus on safety as a culture for the company is present, there will be more a greater chance that employees follow the rules, stay safe and even stick around.

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