3 Organization Tips for Your Medicine Cabinet 

 July 7, 2022

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Any area in the house should be organized so you can easily find what you need. That’s particularly important when it comes to the medicine cabinet. You don’t want to find yourself frantically searching for supplies while you’re trying to deal with an emergency. Here are some helpful tips.

Purge Before You Organize

Before you try to devise an organizational system, take everything out of the medicine cabinet and figure out what should stay and what needs to go. Check the expiration dates on all medical supplies and safely dispose of anything that’s outdated.

Create a System That Makes Sense for You

There are many ways to organize a medicine cabinet. You’ll need to make decisions based on the types of medications and other supplies that your family uses and how much space they take up. Sort items into categories, then take stock and figure out the best way to organize them.

The types and sizes that you choose for containers will be dictated by what you need to store in them. For example, if you have several bottles of liquid medications, you will need a container where you can store them upright in rows. 

When shopping for containers, think about the amount of space you have available. Make sure that the baskets or bins you choose will actually fit on the shelves in your medicine cabinet. It might be a good idea to take measurements so you don’t buy containers, then discover that they won’t fit in the medicine cabinet and have to return them.

Label Containers

When someone is injured, even a brief delay in receiving treatment can have a devastating impact. This is why it’s important to organize your medicine cabinet so that people can quickly and easily find what they need.

Even if everyone in your family knows what is stored where, keep in mind that someone else, such as a guest or a babysitter, might need to find something. Put labels on the outside of containers so that anyone who opens the medicine cabinet will immediately be able to locate what’s needed.  

Stock up on First Aid Supplies

When you go through your medicine cabinet and dispose of what’s expired, you might realize that you need to replenish your supplies in some categories. You can get what you need from 1st Aid Supplies.

We sell bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, and all sorts of other essentials. You can also buy one or more first aid kits or cabinets that contain these and additional types of supplies. Place your order for first aid kit refills online today.

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