3 Ideas for Personalizing Your 1st Aid Kit Based on a Known Condition 

 October 5, 2020

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Whenever you hear about first aid supplies and the need to keep important tools and equipment on-hand incase of an emergency, you usually hear about the basic supplies that will be needed for common injuries. Things like cuts and scrapes or even burns. 

What isn’t always talked about is the option to add more supplies to a first aid cabinet than the standard – or even – to personalize the supplies in a first aid kit based on known conditions. Whether you’re ordering for your home or workplace here are a few tips for picking out the supplies to include. 

Start with Mandatory Items 

If your first aid kit will be used for a workplace setting – or other mandated use, you’ll need to check with OSHA and other regulations to ensure that you have everything needed on hand for an emergency, Outside of common cold meds, OTC pain relievers, bandages, gauze and wraps. This could include chemical spill kits or Red Bags for blood soaked waste. 

Add Extra for Risks You’re Already Aware Of

It can be easy to uncover which injuries are more prone in your workplace or home by checking your cabinet and supplies, If you notice you’re running through bandaids or headache relief tablets fairly quickly it could mean these are the types of things happening more frequently. To be prepared for these conditions, you could order extra items and keep your supplies replenished longer 

Take Inventory in-House 

Another thing you can do to ensure your first aid kit will address needs optimally is to stock it for known conditions. Without encroaching on privacy or violating any rules around illness, if you know your child is susceptible to bloody noses or that  an employee has seasonal allergies and sneezes often throughout the day, you could take the same approach and try to prepare in advance for those with extra supplies. Think about your own condition and other family members’ health as you stock up on supplies for the home and consider the items they’ll need to survive incase catastrophe strikes.

Being prepared for an emergency is the best way to respond during a crisis. Shop for first aid supplies and cabinets online

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