1st Aid Cabinets for Factories 

 December 15, 2017

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The manufacturing industry in the U.S. makes up a giant portion of the workforce. It is a vital sector to the job market and employs millions. It’s also an industry with strict rules and regulations regarding safety and accidents. Depending on the jobs being performed, these factories can be extremely dangerous.

Even with automation and robotics taking over, there are still cases where humans are working alongside heavy machinery and put at risk. As these workplaces comply with OSHA standards and provide training for staff, they must also consider the availability of first aid kits to address accidents as soon as they happen.

On-site Analysis

Something all shop floors need to consider is what hazards threaten their specific operations. Once this is understood, measures can be taken to prevent and prepare for injuries. Whether that includes having bandages and gauze readily available, or chemical and burn treatments. Knowing what could happen and having the tools on hand and staff able to access and administer response is critical.


Once workplace risks, hazards and preparations are in place, it’s a good idea for companies to check and double check that they are in compliance with local laws and Department of Labor regulations and are following all OSHA recommendations, or risk fines. This can include everything from the types of items to be contained in a first aid kit, to the location of that kit and can even change depending on how many employees work at the location or what equipment they are using.

First Aid Cabinets

First aid cabinets placed in locations around a facility can be the difference between life and death in some cases so paying attention to what supplies are needed and where to store them is key.

1st Aid Supplies offers cabinets in a variety of sizes to meet any needs. The Respond wall-mounted, industrial first aid cabinets contain ANSI minimum requirements and more for sites needing additional materials as defined by OSHA standards.

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